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Wood Land Realty is your full service real estate provider, with extensive property inventory, weekend rentals, acreage, lots and condo's.


Wood Land Realty assist with Property Management and assists with locating home service providers.


We are located at Holly Lake Ranch on FM 2869, approximately 1.5 miles south of the Holly Lake entrance.



2486 S FM 2869




888.241.2657 (Toll Free)




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Holly Lake Ranch



Holly Lake Ranch

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Holly Lake Ranch



Wood Land Realty, located at Holly Lake Ranch, works hard to find the property that meets your specific needs. Our inventory of available property is large, but if we don't have what you want, we will search to find it. Our cooperation with other agencies and awareness of the real estate market in the surrounding area gives us the ability to search through thousands of available properties to find the one to meet your specific needs.


Buying or selling property these days can be quite involved with all of the legal questions and difficulties that can occur.  Questions on how to write and word contracts, how to get clear title, taxes, who is responsible for and where to get a survey, where to get financing, appraisals, inspections; these are all questions we can help answer to make buying or selling a pleasant experience for all involved.

If you need a place to rent for several months or just have some friends coming that need to stay a few days, we can handle it. Want to stay a few days at Holly Lake to enjoy the amenities that ownership provides? Rent one of our homes or condos for a weekend getaway.


Wood Land Realty also offers Property ManagementIf you would like to turn your seldom used home or condo into an investment, we take care of all the hassles involved and successfully locate good people with rental needs.  We have customers looking for long term leases or just a weekend that you may not be using your property.


If you need a place to set up an office, start a business, or a location for retail sales, we have several great spots for lease in Wood Land Village near Holly Lake Ranch.  Many commercial and retail spaces available for lease.  If you need a builder, a plumber, financing, brush removal, or any of a number of other services, we can get you in contact with quality people that can get the job done.


Let Wood Land Realty sell your property.  If you have a home, lot, or land to sell, let us help you get the best price for your property by bringing you just the right buyer. We market your property by advertising all over East Texas and the Dallas area. Our internet location and our cooperation with all of the other local real estate companies give exposure to millions of buyers. Our agents as well as the hundreds of agents associated with us through our participation in the Wood County MLS currently have buyers ready to purchase the right property when they find it. That could be your property!!


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2486 S FM 2869




888.241.2657 (Toll Free)